This is a call for support! Calling all Salesforce ISV owners/directors and ISV product managers.

Yesterday I received notice that my session had been accepted for the ISV Track for Dreamfofce 2013. The title is “Partner User Groups @DF- ISV Q&A”.

As a Small to Medium ISV business it can often be difficult to find someone neutral to ask questions. As an ISV you should be taking advantage of the ISV Team in particular your AE. However, some questions they cannot answer often you just want to speak to someone who has done it or at least tried to do it.

This session provides an open floor to ask questions to your peers, other small to medium ISV businesses. You can ask any question you like! Don’t expect to ask the Colonel for his secret spices but so long as it doesn’t give away a competitive position we will help you find an answer.

This is designed to be a general open floor discussion. Would expect to start with an introduction of those on stage, this may direct some initial questions. We should have some FAQs ready to loosen the audience up.

The aim of the session is to answer burning questions and end with a call for people to network and find other local ISVs to start creating local ISV meet-ups.

If you want to be included in the Q&A panel please leave a comment, tweet/DM me, or shoot me an email.

Twitter: andymahood__c

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