Chatter Record Tagger, @mention records in Salesforce Chatter

January 9, 2013

UPDATE Fri 31 May: I am excited to share that I have turned this project into an AppExchange app.  It will be released under a new company called Tapply.  The product will be called Chatter Mention More and will support mentioning groups and creating custom tags to reference records. Find out more here.



A key feature missing from Salesforcr Chatter is the ability to @mention or hashtag records. There is a popular idea for the feature here.

I have created a proof of concept that works for accounts and uses the standard ticker symbol field and a $tag for mentioning Accounts in chatter posts.  When the Account is tagged the post appears on both the Group/Feed it was originally posted and the Account feed.

This is a preview video showing how it works, let me know your feedback and feature suggestions in the comments below, comments on youtube or on twitter @andymahood__c.

(please excuse the low production quality, this is just a proof of concept at this stage)

12 Responses to “Chatter Record Tagger, @mention records in Salesforce Chatter”

  1. […] few weeks back I shared a proof of concept video which I titled ‘Chatter Record Tagger, @mention records in Salesforce Chatter’.  What I didn’t make so obvious is that this works for Chatter Groups […]

  2. Hi Andy,

    This is very interesting for us, as we have a challenge with std Chatter functionality. Our application is used by a flight operations company that has multiple Users that need to post comments to records in a Flight object and have those comments show up on the Chatter page of their colleagues.

    Is this use case something your solution could help with, or perhaps a variant of it?

    Many thanks for your feedback,

    • This is almost tackling the problem the other way around.

      It sounds like you want all users to follow all flight records. This could be accomplished using some method of auto following these records – the issue here is if you have more than 500 then you start to hit follow limits in Chatter.

      What you could use this product for is to have a group called ‘Flights’ then train users to add #flights to posts on records that should be shared to the public group.

      I am planning to record a follow up video showing this behaviour shortly.

  3. thanks andy – are you able to show how this @group works as this is a really nice to have option in chatter at the moment and would reduce emails and unnecessary workload in my area..

    • Have put a demo together let me share a video with you over the next few days. It isn’t a perfect solution as it can cause some double posting if you follow the group – it’s better explained in the video.

  4. Shawn said

    When will this be available?

  5. Griffin Brown said

    Can I get in on the beta-testing?

  6. I am excited to share that I have turned this project into an AppExchange app. It will be released under a new company called Tapply. The product will be called Chatter Mention More and will support mentioning groups and creating custom tags to reference records. Find out at

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